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2012 Olympic tickets – watch out for ticket scams

A day doesn’t go by without a scam email of some sort landing in my inbox – a tax rebate, a bogus banking email requesting personal details because of an irregular online activity, or a PayPal phishing email.

Now, with less than a month to go until tickets for the 2012 London Olympics go on sale, the public is being warned about possible 2012 ticket scams. In fact, according to the Metropolitan Police, more than 30 people have already been arrested so far, and there’s bound to be more lurking, just waiting to cash in on the popular sporting event.

If you’re wanting to buy tickets for the Games, make sure you register for tickets through the official London 2012 website ( – tickets are only available via official London 2012 sales channels, so don’t get caught out.

Each country has its own official outlet and residents of the UK should only apply for tickets through the London 2012 website.

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