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London 2012 Paralympic Games tickets go on sale today

Tickets for the 2012 Paralympics go on sale today using the same ticket application process that applied to the 2012 London Olympic tickets: applicants apply for tickets to events they wish to see and if the events are oversubscribed, a balloting process will take place.

The application process begins at 9am today, 9 September 2011, and ends at 6pm on 26 September. Tickets are not being sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so as long as your application is received by 6pm on 26 September you stand a chance of getting tickets.

The full Paralympic Games schedule is available here:

Be aware that applications for tickets must be made through official 2012 ticket channels and there are many bogus sites offering tickets. If you have any doubts over the validity of the site you are using, check the official 2012 London Olympic site – there’s a list of known unofficial sites there and a website checker too – available here: