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Essential Christmas holiday checks for your car

The weather has been horrendous recently. The strong winds, snow, ice and heavy rain have made driving conditions particularly hazardous, testing the driving skills of everyone.

Whether you are taking a long journey this Christmas holiday or just popping around the corner, for safety’s sake, it’s best to give to be prepared, allow yourself plenty of time to make your journey and, if you haven’t done so already, carry out some essential checks on your car:

Check your oil level when the engine is cold and the car is on level ground.

Radiator coolant level

Check the coolant level in your car and make sure you have the correct mixture of antifreeze for the winter season.

Windscreen wipers
Check the condition of your wiper blades and replace if necessary. Check washer levels for front and rear windscreens and top up as necessary – use a solution suitable for this time of year that will not freeze on contact with your windscreen

Check tyre pressure

Make sure your tyre pressure is correct, this not only makes driving safer but under inflated tyres will also increase fuel consumption.

Check tyre tread

Check the tread on your tyres. The AA recommends a minimum of 3mm of tread for winter driving.

Check your lights

Check all your lights including fog lights and make sure you keep your headlights clean – it’s essential to have clean headlights to gain full benefit from their light as a build up of road dirt and salt can reduce their effectiveness.

The above are just some of the essential checks you should regularly make. For more information on winter car checks and tips for safer driving during the Christmas holiday season check the AA’s website.