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How to save money on England visitor attractions this summer

It has never been more important than now to save money on a summer holiday. So when you’re organising your break in England and planning day trips out to an English Heritage site or two, consider buying a year-long ticket. These can be purchased for individuals as well as for couples and, in the long-term, could work out cheaper.

Membership prices until end of March 2009:

  • Adult membership costs £41.50 per year
  • Student (under 19 or with student id) £31.50
  • Couple membership costs £72.50
  • Couple (age 60+) £48.50

Whilst at first these prices may look expensive, consider that this membership will give you year-long, free entry to more than 400 historic attractions including: Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire, the Arthurian Centre in Cornwall, Stonehenge in Wiltshire and Tilbury Fort on the Thames estuary.



Another bonus of buying an English Heritage membership is the reciprocal agreement held between English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Heritage in Wales, and the Manx National Heritage, so members can gain half-price admission to historic properties in Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man (free access can be obtained after the first year of membership).

If you live in the UK, not only could your membership save you money while you’re on holiday, it will also give you free access to historic visitor attractions when you return home.

For more information and up-to-date prices check out the English Heritage website.

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