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Sonic the Hedgehog vs Mario in Brands Hatch race

In an amazing line up in aid of Comic Relief, the question that has beat at the heart of generations will finally be answered. Who would win in a race – Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario?

At 2pm on 16 March, all eyes will turn to the renowned racetrack at Brands Hatch, Kent, as some of the world’s best-known video game characters suit up and hit the track. But this is no ordinary race. Sonic and Mario will be racing Razor Scooters!

Chasing the Sega and Nintendo characters around the track will be Mario’s brother, Luigi, scooting for the family crown: Sony’s iconic Sackboy and the beautiful, intelligent, and athletic Lara Croft.

Having broken out of the maze, world’s favourite dot-eating arcade character, Pac Man, is still not free of the four ghosts burning rubber behind him on the Brands Hatch track. Maybe he’ll lose them on the famous Paddock Hill Bend.

In total, 10 character riders will hit the racetrack, and in doing so raise thousands for Comic Relief.

The public are welcome to watch the race and entry to the event is free, however, donations are welcome.

The event will be filmed and available to view on