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Warning of Olympic ticketing scams

With all the hype surrounding London 2012 Olympic tickets, cloud-based email security and compliance solutions company, Proofpoint, is warning of potential email ticketing scams.

The company is warning customers not to get too carried away and to be alert of phishing email scams.

Below is an official quote from Proofpoint offering advice for anybody purchasing tickets over the next week:

“As excitement builds for the London 2012 Olympic Games, people should remain wary of bogus or unauthorised ticket websites claiming to be associated with the 2012 Games. It is likely that phishing attempts will be on the rise as scammers look to capitalise as ticket applicants are notified, and money is debited from applicants’ accounts.

Phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and can easily be mistaken for legitimate correspondence. To stay safe online and avoid becoming the victim of a phish attack people should follow three simple steps:

  1. Be aware: be suspicious of any email requests for personal IDs, financial information or user names and passwords. The 2012 Games Organisers will never request this information via email.
  2. Don’t click: if an email seems suspicious, don’t click the links in the email and never open file attachments from anything but 100 percent trusted sources. Links embedded in emails may take you to fraudulent sites that look similar to the legitimate site.
  3. Don’t fill out email forms: Never fill out forms within an email, especially those asking for personal information. Instead, visit the actual 2012 Games website by typing the address direct into your browser to ensure that the page you are using is secure before entering sensitive information. “