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Lapland experience sparks outrage

It’s disappointing when an attraction doesn’t live up to our expectations.

One South of England tourist attraction has caused so much outrage that it’s been branded a ‘scam’ by visitors. In fact it has generated so many complaints that it’s been investigated by Dorset Trading Standards, made headline news in several newspapers and had plenty of airtime on the BBC yesterday.

Ivan Hancock, from Dorset County Council’s trading standards department, told the Telegraph: “I’ve never known anything spark so many complaints in my 20 years of working with three different authorities. We have had 1,300 people contact us”.

The recently opened attraction, Lapland New Forest, is set in the New Forest and is supposed to be a snow-covered winter wonderland. Its website offers real reindeer and animals, a magical avenue of light, Hollywood special FXs and a fantastic fun ice rink, among other things.

However it appears all was not as expected according to reports in the newspapers and on the BBC news. With entry fees set at £30 each for anyone over the age of two you’d expect a good time. Unfortunately, once inside there was an additional £10 charge to visit Santa (involving a lengthy queue), plus £5 for the use of the ice skating rink (which was broken).

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