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Best Western launches Finder Keypers competition

Best Western has launched an exciting promotion giving away up to £50,000 every single day for the next three months.

The competition is a bit of fun and entrants simply play an interactive game to find their perfect hotel – select your choice of locations, type of hotel, activities and extras – or just go for the lucky dip options – to find a hotel suitable for your needs, fill in your details to obtain your virtual room key.

This key could unlock a share of £50,000 that day, and each day 100 lucky keys will be drawn and players who have one of these lucky keys will each receive £500.

Entrants can play once a day using the same email address but as many times as they like during the promotion – no purchase is needed to enter the competition.

Tim Wade, head of marketing for Best Western, comments: “This is the first time that Best Western has run a promotion such as this and of this scale. It is a great opportunity for new and existing customers to win and is a fantastic mechanic for people to really get to know our hotels with personality.”

To enter the draw to find your perfect hotel visit