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Is this Britain’s most environmentally friendly hotel?

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your holiday, you have a couple of options: offset your flight’s carbon emissions, or perhaps take a holiday at home and stay in Britain.

If the environment is foremost in your mind and you are taking a holiday in Britain, how about staying in what is possibly the greenest hotel in Britain.

The Premier Inn Tamworth, Staffordshire – part of the UK’s largest budget hotel chain – is laying claim to the title of the greenest British hotel. This new environmentally-friendly hotel uses 80% less energy than a normal hotel due to its heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation systems.

Environmentally friendly technologies employed in the hotel are:

  • Ground-source heat pumps
  • Water recycling – reusing water from showers and baths for flushing the hotel’s toilets
  • Sheep’s wool insulation
  • Low energy LED lighting together with motion sensors
  • Solar panels.

Rooms at the Premier Inn Tamworth cost from £53 per night.