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Could a weekend break save your sanity?

Are you suffering from the winter blues? Are you one of those workers who doesn’t take their full holiday entitlement?

Perhaps a weekend break could save your sanity.

Recent research suggests that many of us aren’t taking our full holiday entitlement, and even those of us that are, are stressed or depressed because it’s been too long since our last holiday.

An annual two-week holiday in the sun; on a staycation, or however you choose to spend your time, is great but two weeks just it isn’t enough.

A survey conducted by, as part of the Wellness research, found that 34% of those surveyed were depressed and 30% stressed because it had been too long since their last holiday. Amazingly, 33% of those surveyed hadn’t taken the full annual holiday entitlement, some forfeiting seven days of more!

Findings found that men feel burnt out and in need of a holiday after four months and one week, while women can only manage to last three months and three weeks before needing a holiday.

When you think about it, four weeks holiday over the period of 52 weeks isn’t nearly enough, and with most of us only spending two of those weeks away, it’s hardly surprising we’re stressed.

Teletext’s research found that when we’re run down, depressed or stressed, our productivity drops by an average of an hour per day, and yet, after a holiday, we feel much more productive. Surprisingly, almost a third (32%) said that just the process of booking a holiday boosts our mood.

Once on holiday, it only takes a day and a half for our mood to lift and by the second day we are able to switch off.

Based on the findings of the research, a weekend away could be all you need to lift your spirits. If you take into consideration the bank holidays we get, you could squeeze in four long-weekend holidays a year, in addition to your holiday entitlement.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy a holiday, a holiday in Britain, or even a weekend break in the country or the city is enough to allow you to switch off.

Time to start planning your weekend breaks.

Some of my favourite places for weekend breaks are: Brighton, Bournemouth, the New Forest, Leeds, Liverpool and London. Where are yours?