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Easter Holiday Activity Ideas for Children

With the Easter Holidays rapidly approaching, planning ahead for any younger members of the family can save much time and stress after the school gates close for the last time before summer term. Here are just a few ideas for keeping your children occupied.

Why not book a trip to London to soak up some culture? This country’s rich history means we have some of the finest exhibitions and museums in the world. This idea may not sound like every child’s cup of tea, but with careful planning it usually proves to be very popular. Both the Imperial War Museum and the Natural History Museum provide wonders round every corner for boys of all ages, while the fine selection of exhibits and art galleries is likely to inspire the most unenthusiastic group of girls.

Any family London expedition should be planned to touch upon our impressive theatrical heritage. Although pantomimes are largely restricted to the Christmas period there are plenty of exciting productions all-year-round, perfect for a day out with the kids and perhaps a kick-start to a love of theatre and literature! A real treat for older kids would be to visit the birthplace of the Bard, Stratford-upon-Avon. Taking in a performance at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre has is a unique experience in the world of western theatre.

If your children are fans of nature, there are plenty of animal parks and zoos dotted around the country. London Zoo, perhaps the most famous, was the first to be opened in the world and now houses nearly 17,000 animals (755 different species). Its partner, Whipsnade Zoo, takes advantage of Bedfordshire’s space and specialises in housing the larger and more social species such as rhinos and elephants. Both zoos are run by the renowned Zoological Society of London and are currently offering the chance to become a zookeeper for a day. This is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with your favourite animals, an experience that 92% of all participants have rated as excellent – a perfect way for the kids to spend their day!

For a more quirky outing, why not travel to the county of Gloucestershire during the last few weeks of your Easter Holiday? The cheese rolling contest at Coopers Hill (a bizarre yet jovial tradition that is over 200 years old) is guaranteed fun and laughter for the whole family. In recent years it has become very well known and appreciated worldwide. Any willing visitors are invited and encouraged to take part alongside the more seasoned West Country veterans, while those feeling less adventurous can stand to the side and spectate. During the event, a ball of Double Gloucester cheese (weighing around eight pounds) is rolled down Cooper’s Hill and chased by a rabble of fired-up contestants. The event’s increased popularity has not detracted from its charm and spending an afternoon spectating or taking part, promises a great and memorable family day out.

Why not visit Scotland for the Easter Holidays? Aside from the majestic highlands, the mysterious lochs and historic cities there is plenty to see when visiting our northern neighbour. Edinburgh Castle, one of the most breathtaking structures throughout Great Britain, steeped in history and majesty, is putting on a host of informative and fun events throughout the Easter Period. Children will love the atmosphere and beauty of the castle and will be enthralled and entertained by the activities and performances being held. Some of the highlights include, a reenactment of a stately inspection by Queen Victoria, a detailed battle report by several of Robert the Bruce’s generals and a theatrical reenactment of a royal banquet, all acted out in full character and costumes – a guaranteed hit with the kids.

These are just a few ideas for doing something a little different with the kids at this special time of year. There is such a variety to do and see in this country, that there really is no excuse for remaining indoors when the family is all together. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to investigate and show your children what else this exciting nation has to offer.