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British cruise passengers on the increase

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Think of a holiday in Britain and you tend to think of the traditional beach-style holiday, a city break, or a countryside retreat, lush green surroundings with beautiful views, but definitely not cruising!

However, it seems that cruising is on the rise with British cruise passenger numbers set to hit 1.65 million this year – an increase of more than 7 percent on last year.

In 2009 almost half a million passengers visited a port in the UK, and the number joining a cruise ship in the UK topped 733,000 – almost double 2003 figures.

Figures release at the recent European Cruise Council reveal that 4.8m passengers joined a cruise ship in Europe in 2009 and spent €1.3bn on services.

Whether its the uncertainty surrounding air travel – airline bankruptcies and the infamous ash cloud, who knows – it looks like the future or cruising is looking bright.

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