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National Trust sees boom in operations

As the National Trust unveiled operational figures at this weekend’s Annual General Meeting it seems that the recession hasn’t had a negative impact on the Trust’s finances this year.

In fact the National Trust has seen only positive results boosted by the credit crunch and the number of people taking staycations. Visitor numbers are up by almost 18 per cent when compared with 2008. Memberships are up to almost 3.8 million from 3.65 million last year. Catering turnover is up 22 per cent while retails sales saw an increase of 15 per cent and holiday cottage bookings are up eight per cent.

“We have had an amazing year and people have come to us in droves,” said Fiona Reynolds, the Trust’s Director-General. “The vision of our Victorian founders, to provide space for calm, peace and tranquillity, is as relevant now, during a recession, as it has ever been.

“What has captured the public imagination has been the authentic experiences we offer. Those moments of peace enjoyed in beautiful surroundings, or spending time with friends and family at a woodland, give us something lasting and memorable that stands above the cheap thrill of the consumer world.”