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IOM flights benefit from weak value of Sterling

It looks like some holiday destinations are beginning to see some benefit from the weak pound. has reported an increase of 13% in total bookings in the first two weeks of this year over the same time in 2007. Bookings on the route between Blackpool airport and the Isle of Man have seen an incredible 17% rise.

“The first two weeks of the year are crucial in the travel industry, as it is when many people book their holidays”, says the communications director for, James Filleul. “And with the Pound continuing to perform badly against currencies such as the Euro, going abroad is far more expensive. We think the weakness of the Pound, combined with the credit crunch which is hitting everyone’s pockets anyway, are encouraging people to stay “at home” for their holidays, and explore Great Britain. Our figures for the beginning of this year certainly strongly support that view”.

“It’s too early yet to be absolutely sure, but these early figures suggest that 2009 may actually be a good year for the tourism industry. We are already planning campaigns, along with the Department of Tourism, to encourage people to “Holiday at Home”, not lose money on foreign exchange, and take a break in the Isle of Man instead, which as we all know has a lot to offer visitors”.

If you’re thinking of taking a holiday in the Isle of Man this year, currently offers flights from Blackpool, Belfast, Gloucester (M5), Leeds, Nottingham East Midlands and Jersey, with fares starting at £19.95 (online single, including tax, to/from Blackpool).

2 thoughts on “IOM flights benefit from weak value of Sterling

  1. libby

    I’m going to the Isle of Man this weekend, shame I had to pay more than £100! Do these cheap fares realkly exist?

  2. Paula Post author

    Hi Libby

    Yes, it’s annoying that many airlines advertise flight prices that are impossible to find.

    Flybe regularly offers flights on the Gatwick to Isle of Man route for £34.99 including taxes and charges, but I’ve never managed to find them. I’d love to hear from someone that has found them or could email me when they do.