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Isle of Man offers ‘election-free’ holidays

If the UK’s general election is getting too much for you consider taking a holiday in Britain’s only ‘election-free zone’ – the Isle of Man.

Tourism officials in the Isle of Man have responded to the general election fever by offering unique ‘Election Free’ holiday packages and have specifically requested that hotel proprietors do not mention the forthcoming election. Isle of Man Tourism has also confirmed that the Island will have no campaigning billboards tied to lamp posts or election leaflets on B+B entrance hall tables.

Rod Nipper, Isle of Man Director of Tourism explains: ‘The Isle of Man is only an hour‘s flight from most major airports in the UK and our ‘Election Free’ holiday package proves that you don’t have to travel abroad to get away from it all. The Island provides a perfect retreat for a long weekend or a longer break with the family, so you can return home fully refreshed.’

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