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Simon seeks to help you plan your next holiday

Britain offers wide-ranging facilities for holiday makers, both from abroad and those who live here. However, sometimes it’s hard for us to be objective and fully appreciate the wonderful facilities, attractions and historic sites that are within our own country, or perhaps, even on our doorstep.

Sometimes you just need to venture further afield, to explore a different region or culture, or just snap up one of the budget flights you’ve just seen advertised. So if you are planning to venture abroad this year, where do you turn to to find more information and suggestions for a new holiday destination?

Take a look at, where a community of travellers, journalists and even celebrities share their experiences of their favourite destinations. Yes, the site does offer holiday reviews of Britain, but it also gives you an insight into destinations further afield, providing information about the best places to stay, the tastiest places to eat, the unmissable things to do, and much more. All guides available are rated and reviewed by users.

The site has plenty of travel guides to help you choose your next holiday destination, including more than 300 travel guides on the UK, so it’s well worth taking a look, but don’t forget to come back and visit too!

One thought on “Simon seeks to help you plan your next holiday

  1. Catherine

    It is not dissimilar to the trivago community of which I am a member. You can also add photos, reviews, travel guides, weblinks and much more, and like this site, you can make money in the process. Interesting article, thank you.