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5 Money saving tips for a cheap British holiday

It seems like 2009 is going to be the year to be cautious about money. No one really knows what is going to happen. We’re constantly being bombarded from all angles about the state of the economy, and it’s never ending doom and gloom from the television and newspapers.

If it’s all getting you down and you’re looking for a cheap holiday option this year, why not consider some of the money saving tips below, they could help you reduce the cost of your holiday.

Share your holiday with friends or family
Booking a large holiday cottage should save you pounds if you work out cost per head.

Shop around
Check out the classified ads in your local paper for holiday accommodation in other parts of the country. Invariably, the ads are placed by the owners of the property, so you will be dealing direct and should get a significant reduction on brochure prices.

My family has often rented holiday accommodation in this way.

Auction sites
Check out auction sites, while most holiday accommodation is at a buy it now price, you could save a fortune. I grabbed a great deal on a caravan holiday about four years’ ago buying through ebay.

When dealing direct with the owners or buying through an auction site, be careful, check out feedback and speak to the owner.

Look out for coupons in the daily newspapers. The Sun often gives away vouchers for bargain breaks. All you need to do is save a certain number of vouchers, send them off with a selection of resorts and dates that are convenient to you and wait to hear. You’ll need a certain amount of flexibility here but it is a good way to bag a cheap holiday.

Self-catering holidays
Go self-catering and stock up with groceries at your local supermarket before you go (assuming that you’re driving to your holiday). However, if possible, I would recommend buying supplies from the local shops while on holiday as it is important to support local economies – many resorts are seasonal and local people rely on tourism.

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