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Budget tips for your holiday days out

Forget about expensive holiday attractions and theme parks, if you’re looking for ways to economise on this year’s holiday think back to traditional holiday activities, ones that didn’t cost a fortune. The following ideas will entertain you and your children for minimal money.

Pack a picnic
It’s amazing how quickly snacks and meals out can add up. Think you’re stopping for a quick cup of coffee and it won’t cost you much? Think again, especially if you’ve got kids. Kids are always hungry, and a quick stop for drinks won’t be cheap as the kids are sure to want a piece of chocolate cake or something. It’s bad enough if you’ve got one child, but if you’ve got two or more you’ll be lucky to get change from £30!

To save money on food, make sure you have a good breakfast to keep you going throughout the morning and take a picnic and snacks with you. Make sure you have enough drinks and a flask of coffee too. You’ll be amazed how much money you’ll save in the space of a week or fortnight. Picnics don’t have to be boring sandwiches either, consider taking pasta salads, baguettes, pitta bread and other types of finger food.

Visit the beach
A trip to the beach is a cheap day out, providing you’re not picking a beach with all the typical attractions, such as fairground rides and amusement arcades. If the lure of amusement arcades proves too much, give the kids an allowance and stick to it. Most children, particularly the younger ones are happy to paddle and build sandcastles. If it’s a not a sandy beach, build a pebble tower or teach the kids to skim stones.

Take the kids to the park

Young children don’t need to visit expensive attractions, they’re quite content to spend quality time with their parents, and playing in the park is a great way to do this. Great games to play are cricket, football, tennis, catch or piggy in the middle.

If there’s an adventure playground, children will keep themselves amused for ages. Don’t forget the picnic and you’ve got a fun but cheap day out.

Go for a cycle ride
Get out the bikes and go for a cycle ride. Plan a route, ideally off-road, and take a picnic. Make sure the route is not too long for younger children or else you’ll have a nightmare getting exhausted children and their bikes back home – I speak from experience!

Visit a museum or art gallery
I like to keep trips to museums and art galleries in reserve for rainy days. If museums aren’t your thing, there are bound to be several free attractions in your local area that you can take advantage of. If you’re not sure where to find free attractions or activities checkout the local tourist information centre.

Go swimming
Again, another attraction for a rainy day, although this won’t be free, it’s usually a reasonably cheap activity. Try to pick as quiet a time as possible – you’ll have more space and fun in the pool and are more likely to get a longer swim too. Children are usually starving after swimming so make sure you take some food with you to save money in the cafe.

The above are just a selection of tips for cheap holiday activities. If you have any tips or suggestions on cheap things to do with children please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

Thank you.