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Save money on kennel fees by taking your dog on holiday

Every year we book our holiday without thinking of our poor dog, and then we have to pay a substantial amount to board her in a kennel so she has her own, expensive, holiday. If we stopped to think about her first, we could save a small fortune by taking her on holiday with us. I’m not sure I’d take her on a plane, although I know some airports are geared up to taking dogs, but she’s happy enough on ferries.

If you‘re thinking about saving on kennel fees by taking your dog on holiday this year, there are a few considerations you need to take in to account before you go ahead and book.

Firstly, you need to decide whether your dog will fit in with your holiday – there’s absolutely no point in taking your dog on holiday if your plans involve sightseeing and holiday attractions that aren’t dog friendly.

Like planning holidays with children, holidays with dogs need planning too – your holiday needs to fit around walking your dog and giving it enough exercise. If your itinerary means that your dog will spend large amounts of time sitting in your holiday accommodation, forget it, it’ll be much better off in a kennel.

Secondly, make sure you find dog-friendly accommodation – not all holiday accommodation accepts dogs. Once you’ve found somewhere to stay, make sure that the surrounding area has attractions that you can take your dog to, and make sure there are sufficient areas where you can walk your dog.

Quite often, your dog-friendly holiday accommodation provider will be able to give you tips about where you can and cannot take your dog. Don’t just assume that you can take your dog on all your country walks as some trails, which cross farmland, do not allow dogs.

7 thoughts on “Save money on kennel fees by taking your dog on holiday

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